Companion Renewal For Two

The companion renewal is completely customizable to meet all of your requirements. Yet, it’s as easy as each of you selecting Two services from Group A and Two from Group B. This allows you to plan the “perfect” spa experience. $322

Group A Group B
Massage 60 min. Pick 1 Aromatherapy Tub 30 min.
Desert Hot Stone Paraffin Treatment – Hands
Swedish Paraffin Treatment – Foot
Deep Tissue Mystic Tan, UV Free
Prenatal Make-up, Match & App.
Facials 60 min. Pick 1 Massage, Add 30 min.
Anti-Aging Slimdome
Hydration Waxing, 1 small area
Intense Cleaning Vybe Plate Therapy
Gentlemen’s Facial  
Chemical Peel  
Body Scrub  
Body Wrap, 60 min. Pick 1  
Swedish Miracle  
Tango Paraffin  
Sea System  

You can add an additional service from Group B for $15.