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Enlighten Tattoo Removal

Déjà Vu Med Spa in Goodyear is the only Spa in Arizona offering Enlighten, the best technology for Tattoo Removal.

Love it. Love it Not. 

What You Once Loved, Doesn’t Have To Last Forever!

Enlighten™ Highlights

  • The most advanced technology
  • The only-dual wavelength Pico / Nanosecond laser to remove all color tattoos in fewer treatments
  • Will quickly rid you of what you would like to forget
  • Number of treatments is typically 3 to 6
  • Topical or local anesthetics to minimize discomfort
  • Temporary redness and swelling
  • There is no down time.
  • Straight forward pricing available as single treatments or packages

Enlighten™ Description

Introduced in 2014, is the most advanced laser system for the effective and safe removal of tattoos and benign pigmented lesions.

Enlighten is the world’s first and only-dual wavelength Pico / Nanosecond laser system.  The extremely short and high-power picosecond laser pulses efficiently and quickly break down the ink particles in tattoos. A ‘picosecond’ is one-trillionth of a second, and is 1,000 times shorter than the ‘nanosecond’ pulses used in existing lasers for tattoo removal. Picosecond laser pulses have been shown to remove tattoos more completely and in fewer treatment sessions than traditional lasers used historically in the past.

At Déjà Vu, we offer straightforward pricing. Our treatments range from $150- $350 per treatment depending on the size and colors in your tattoo, larger tattoos such as half arm or full sleeves are quoted at the time of consultation. Treatments are sold in easy to pay packages of 3 treatments or six. You will be given a written quote when you visit us. Adding one or more additional tattoos at one treatment time saves money and time.

“Most laser tattoo removal treatments take between 10-15 minutes” reports Jennifer Dursteler, PA-C and President of Déjà vu Med Spa. “Laser tattoo removal has also been extremely painful in the past, we offer anesthetic blocks to make the experience virtually painless.

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Enlighten, Before & After Pictures


How does Enlighten compare to former technologies?

The left image below shows the untreated tattoo. The right image below shows a split study of the tattoo treatments (tx). The right side of the split image tattoo was treated by Enlighten. The center image was treated by a traditional tattoo removal laser. Six weeks following the third treatment, the after Enlighten showed better clearance than the Q laser which was used to treated the center picture.

guy sholder tat

Before           After 3 tx     |   After 3 tx
                                w/ Q Laser  |   w/ Enlighten

 Schedule your free consultation now to find out if you are a good candidate for an Enlighten Tattoo Removal. Call 623-242-9910 on Wed. – Sat. from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm or CTL then click (Request Appointment Link).

Enlighten, Tattoo Removal Questions & Answers

The total number of treatments varies depending on the composition, depth and the color of the ink, as well as the size of the tattoo. You should be prepared for multiple treatment sessions. We will give you a better idea of the total number of treatments needed during your consultation and once your treatments begin.

Tattoo ink is deposited deep in the skin. In order to reach all of the ink in the skin, multiple treatment sessions are needed for clearance. Depth, size and color of the tattoo also impact the number of treatments needed.

In many cases, yes, however, it is very important to know that some ink colors are more difficult to clear than others. Ask during your free consultation to determine if enlighten is right for you.

Patients compare the procedure to a rubber band being snapped against their skin. Topical or local anesthetics are available to minimize discomfort.

Most patients experience redness and swelling immediately following the treatment. These side effects are temporary.

Patients can return to regular activities immediately following the treatment.

Forgotten / Regrets
Did your tattoo seem attractive in your 20s but not so attractive today? Or is your tattoo a permanent reminder of what was just a temporary feeling? If so, you are not alone! That change of heart, or feeling of regret, is the #1 reason why people seek tattoo removal.

Fortunately, de-inking has progressed from a so-so, time-consuming process to a much faster, safe and effective method. Finally, that unforgettable tattoo can become forgotten with the most advanced laser tattoo removal technology available in the market—Enlighten™.

Not Forever

Who said that tattoos are designed to last forever? Thanks to the revolutionary advancements in laser technology, Enlighten™ will quickly rid you of what you would like to forget.

If you have any other questions, bring them to your Free Consultation.

Schedule your free consultation now to find out if you are a good candidate for an Enlighten Tattoo Removal. Call 623-242-9910 on Wed. – Sat. from 9 am to 6:30 pm or CTL then click (Request Appointment Link).

 What You Once Loved, Doesn’t Have To Last Forever!

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