A Secret to Life Extension

The Problem:

Over 145 million Americans are at severe risk of dying earlier than necessary due to excess weight or obesity. The following statistics illustrate the seriousness of our struggles with excess weight. 

USA Obesity Rates have Reached Epidemic Proportions:

  • 71 Million Overweight; 74 Million Obese or Morbidly Obese
  • Eight out of ten people over age 25 are Overweight.
  • Obese people have $1,429 more medical costs per year than those of normal weight.

Obesity Related Diseases:

  • Obesity is implicated in 80% of all type II diabetics.
  • Since 1990 there is a 76% increase in Type II diabetes in adults 30-40 years old.
  • Of Children diagnosed with Type II diabetes, 85% are obese.
  • 70% of cardiovascular disease is related to obesity.
  • 42% of breast and colon cancers are diagnosed among obese individuals.
  • At least 30% of gall bladder disease is related to obesity.

SOURCE: Wellness International Network Ltd – www.winltd.com and
 the Center for Disease Control (CDC); www.cdc.gov/obesity

The Costs of Extra Pounds:

Health related absenteeism increases as a person’s weight and correspondingly Body Mass Index increase (BMI).  Female employees with a BMI between 30 and 34.9 experienced 6.3 days of lost time per year. That number jumped to 22.7 days in women with a BMI over 40.  Men in the lower BMI category lost 2.3 days of at-work productivity per year, while men with a BMI over 40 lost 21.9 days — that’s three full weeks.  How much would that cost you?

Researchers have estimated that obesity losses in productivity among full-time workers, exceeds 147 billion dollars per year.  This is equivalent to a loss of productive capacity of 3.5 million workers– each with annual salaries of $42,000.

The Solution:

Reduce your weight to Medically Prescribed Guidelines and increase your overall energy, happiness and health.  Since there is no permanent “Magic Pill” and the “HCG diet” is an ineffective and potentially dangerous treatment, this will take commitment.  Remember, it’s your health and life. Of note, HCG has been proven ineffective and its effects are only due to a “starvation ketosis” that results from caloric deprivation and NOT due to the use of HCG.

Think of your body as an amazingly efficient machine, fueled by what crosses your tongue. What you don’t expend is promptly stored. Dieting is not about eating less but about appropriate food choices. Certain foods are more prone to excess fat storage. Your daily activities of walking, working, exercising, etc. burn the fuel. 

As you eat more frequently your appetite will shrink. This will cause you to feel full on the smaller portions of food.  Increase your activity to burn off the excess.

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