Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

One of the best and most informative internet sites dealing with breast cancer is

Life Extensions Foundation provides an overview on overview on breast cancer , including diagnosis, staging, and therapy. It also includes information on natural approaches to treating breast cancer.

Information on Breast Health and Disease can be found at Women’s Health America and Project Aware.

‘Adjuvant on line’ is a website to help determine the need for additional therapy following surgery for breast cancer. By entering patient information, including age, tumor size, grade, hormone receptor status, and lymph node status, the actual benefit of therapy, which may be minimal, is calculated. It is recommended that a health care provider register and enter the data:

The role of Progesterone in breast cancer prevention can be found at Project Aware.

Additional data (abstracts) on breast cancer and the role of Progesterone are available at:

The Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada reviewed the safety of ‘The Use of Hormone Replacement Therapy after treatment Breast Cancer.’