Reverse the Clock with Hormone Rebalancing

Eliminate Aging with Hormone Rebalancing Did You Know…Both men and women produce testosterone. In women, the testosterone is converted to estradiol, which is one of the three forms of estrogen. As we get into our 40’s, our bodies begin producing less testosterone which reduces the estrodial in women. Have your friends told you that “you’re […]

Ready for Back to School?

Whether you’re a teacher/ administrator, parent or student, you have come through most of a very hot and dry summer in Arizona.  With a new school year approaching, you will be changing your daily routine.  Some will be transitioning from a summer of relaxation, travel and free time to a very structured and demanding new […]

Take 10 to 20 Years Off Your Biological Clock!

  Average life expectancies have reached an all-time high, for men 75.2 and women 80.6 years.  If you are over 40, this new high can be disappointing!  This means at forty or less you are middle aged and on a genetically pre programmed physical decline. Great News!  It is possible to reset our biological clock […]