Ready for Back to School?

Whether you’re a teacher/ administrator, parent or student, you have come through most of a very hot and dry summer in Arizona.  With a new school year approaching, you will be changing your daily routine.  Some will be transitioning from a summer of relaxation, travel and free time to a very structured and demanding new […]

Be Thin and Healthy this Summer

Last December and January you were determined to drop some weight so that you would look better and live a healthier and happier life.  It’s now June.  How are you doing?  I know.  It seems hard, but it’s really easy if you approach it correctly.  I know because I did it.  I am down 50 […]

Almost Happy with Your Body? Or Need to Start?

You may be one those people who through healthy eating habits and exercise has almost achieved your perfect body, but you may have found that there are one or two places where exercise and diet have not produced the desired elimination of fatty.  For men, these troublesome areas are extra chins, man boobs, love handles […]

A Secret to Life Extension

The Problem: Over 145 million Americans are at severe risk of dying earlier than necessary due to excess weight or obesity. The following statistics illustrate the seriousness of our struggles with excess weight.  USA Obesity Rates have Reached Epidemic Proportions: 71 Million Overweight; 74 Million Obese or Morbidly Obese Eight out of ten people over […]

HCG Diets, Frauds, Placebos…..

HCG Diets, Frauds, Placebos, Unproven or Lucrative Niches for Doctors? Everyone who is trying to loss weight should read the two great articles written by Ken Alltucker, The Arizona Republic – Jan. 26, 2011, click links below. Before Déjà Vu Med Spa in Goodyear, AZ, launched their Physician Managed Weight Loss Program in November of […]


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