Makeup Application

Chances are you might already be a statistic…Industry experts indicate:

  • 53% of women choose the wrong color of makeup for their skin tone, causing the skin to look tired and sallow, certainly not the look you were trying to achieve! 
  • 74% of women use the wrong type of makeup for their skin, causing clogs, breakouts and blackheads, another detriment to your goal of having gorgeous skin.
  • 67% of women do not feel confident that they have improved their looks after applying their makeup. Oftentimes women give up on makeup altogether, assuming that makeup is just “not for them”.

At Déjà Vu Med Spa, we use only 100% pure mineral makeup by Jane Iredale. Here’s why:

  1. Traditional foundations and other makeup contain oils and talc’s, both of which foster the growth of bacteria.
  2. Most “mineral makeup” contains only 3% minerals, following the very minimum guidelines to be labeled mineral.  They use oils and talc’s as fillers.
  3. Jane Iredale cosmetics are 100% mineral, and Iredale is the first company to supply the aesthetics industry with a full line of makeup based on minerals.

There’s no need to worry about heavy, unnatural looks anymore. When you use Jane Iredale cosmetics, you won’t believe the difference how your skin looks and feels.  Jane’s formulations never use oil, talc, FD&C dyes, synthetic preservatives or fragrance, so even the most sensitive skins will look & feel fabulous. 

Stop in to Déjà Vu Med Spa and learn how to apply Iredale makeup to enhance your natural beauty with our trained experts. Drop by or call to make your appointment today!