Do you have Unwanted Hair? Are you Tired of Shaving?

Think about it.  How often do you shave each week?  How much time and money do you spend in a month, a year?  Do you cut yourself?  You don’t have to continue doing any of this.

There is a solution to one of the greatest challenges of personal hygiene, which is keeping unwanted hair under control.  There are medical lasers specifically designed to kill hair follicles.  They emit a pulse of laser light at the specific frequency of 810 nanometers.  The pulse duration and the power setting depend on your skin tone and hair color.

Two key elements for success are the skill of the therapist and the use of the right equipment.  Laser hair reduction offers a permanent solution to the ongoing problem of unwanted hair.  These treatments are regularly used by both women and men to treat any part of the body.

Hair on different areas grows at different rates and the hair follicles go through three cycles; growth, resting and transition.  The laser will only kill the follicle when the hair is in the growth cycle.  This makes the treatment a bit of an art. Therefore to insure success we do at least six treatments at 4-6 week intervals.

Maybe you have heard of someone who has paid for a large number of hair removal treatments, but the hair always grows back.  Unfortunately, some Med Spas don’t have an 810 nm laser.

Does it Hurt?  Our procedure significantly addresses the two elements that can cause discomfort.  First as the laser discharges, it sends a focused burst of light energy through the skin on its way to the hair follicle.  This produces an initial feeling like the snap of a rubber band as the energy enters the skin.  Second as the energy travels through the skin, the skin will accumulate heat.  In our procedure, we counteract these effects in three ways.  First, the therapist may apply a numbing gel to the area and allow you to relax while it takes effect.  Second, the laser treatment head has two sections.  The cooling plate is pressed against the area to be treated. The therapist then moves the plate over the next area and fires the laser through the previously cooled area.  This reduces the heat and the treatment continues fairly quickly.  Additionally, you will be controlling another refrigeration device called a Zimmer.  It blows cold air on the treatment area to counteract the heat produced by the laser.

All our patients tend to agree that the little discomfort that you experience is well worth the results you achieve.

Want to know more?  Call 623-242-9910 and request a FREE Laser Hair Removal Consultation with Sandra.  She will explain the process, show you the equipment, and answer any questions you may have.