Testing & Appointments

If you decide to do the re-balancing and qualify, proceed to “Testing” and bring the questionnaire to your appointment.   If you decide NOT to go forward, answer the questions again in three months.


To properly re-balance your Hormones, we must have your current and exact hormone blood values. This requires that you have specific hormone and some basic health blood tests done. If you would like to be uated for a hormone re-balancing, we require that you having testing done prior to your appointment. Print off the appropriate (Female or Male) blood testing prescription below. Also, print the Medical History Questionnaire (below). If you have trouble printing the Rx or Questionnaire, you may call the office (623-242-9910) and a prescription for blood work and or the questionnaire will be faxed or emailed to you.  You may also pick up a copy at the office (14411 W. McDowell Road, Suite C-102, Goodyear, Arizona 85395). Take the prescription to a local lab where your blood will be drawn. Make sure that the lab you choose is covered by your insurance. Some patient’s insurance requires that their primary care doctor order the blood testing.

Starting the Process:

Please print off the two appropriate forms. Take the Rx for the blood work to a Lab.

By the time your Blood work is done, you should email, fax or drop the Medical History off at our office.   (fax # 623-243-4191)

When the Lab has completed the analysis of the blood work, they will fax the results to Deja Vu Med Spa for uation (10-14 days). Once uated, our receptionist will call you and set up an appointment for you to have the pellets implant. Make sure the office has your name and phone number! If you do not hear from our office within 14 days of testing, call and make them aware that you had testing done. You may also want to contact the lab and make sure the results of your testing were sent to our office.