Hormone Introduction & Process

Hormone Rebalancing for Improved Health and Quality of Life
As you age, your body produces less testosterone and estrogen – essential hormones that affect many important functions of the body. And this leads to the declining health conditions that reduce your quality of life.  Bioidentical Hormone Replacement therapy is an individually prescribed approach that naturally restores the right balance of hormones to reverse this trend. It’s safe, reliable and clinically proven to dramatically restore vitality, energy, health and well-being.

This website is dedicated to providing you with the facts of hormone balance and its impact on health so that you can make informed decisions regarding healthcare and hormone replacement therapy options. It’s also an educational resource for healthcare providers and those seeking to learn more about physical and mental health.

Our Process:
The Nature of Hormone Rebalancing requires that we proceed differently than with most of our other Medical procedures.  With our Physician Managed Weight Loss Program and now with the Hormone Rebalancing, the Doctor can’t specifically discuss your condition or make recommendations without knowing the exact levels of many factors in your blood.  In the blood testing the various hormone factors are expressed in ranges, from low to high.  Most general practice doctors and internist are not specifically trained in hormone balancing.  As a result, they generally don’t even order the hormone blood values unless you have seriously symptoms.  If they were to review the hormone levels, they would generally not take any action as long as the values were within range.  Unfortunately, there can be a dramatic reduction in your health for values in the lower half of the range.  This is where the scientific rebalancing comes into play.

Your Knowledge:  Understand Hormone Rebalancing and what it can do for you!
Read the overview material within the Hormone Rebalancing section of this website.  Go through the presentations and watch the video.  If you think the rebalancing could improve your health and life, continue reading the included articles, charts, scientific studies.  At this point, you should print off the appropriate (Female or Male) Symptoms List  (below) and answer the questions.  You should take this seriously, and provide well thought out answers.  When completed, uate your results.  Do you have serious enough problems to justify spending money to improve your life?  Keep the symptoms list.  If you decide to do the rebalancing and qualify, proceed to “Testing” and bring the symptoms list to your appointment.   If you decide NOT to go forward, answer the symptoms list again in three months.

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