Ready for Back to School?

Whether you’re a teacher/ administrator, parent or student, you have come through most of a very hot and dry summer in Arizona.  With a new school year approaching, you will be changing your daily routine.  Some will be transitioning from a summer of relaxation, travel and free time to a very structured and demanding new school year.  For the parents, the intensity will not subside until the kids are back in school.  Even then, “your free time” will only last as long as the school day.  It’s time for you to take some “me” time. 

A long, hot summer is hard on your skin and maybe your health.  Take an inventory of your personal needs.  Here are some thoughts:

Sun Damage:             Even if you used a water proof SPF 45 sunblock, you have still been exposed to UV radiation.  UVB affects the outer layers of the skin, while UVA radiation is less intense than UVB, but is more likely to reach deeper layers of tissue and cause damage.  If you got a good sunburn, you sustained damage. 

At Déjà Vu Med Spa, we have Facials, Microderms, Dermal Planning, and IPL that can revitalize your skin and eliminate those unsightly sun spots.  Our sunscreens are actually good for your skin.

Gained Weight:         Research shows, people who gain weight tend to continue gaining weight.  So, get back to a healthy weight.  Although North America has only 6% of the world’s population, it accounts for 34% of the world’s weight due to obesity.  That comes to 214,000,000,000 obesity pounds.  Don’t keep your extra weight.  Join the Physician Managed Weight Loss Program at Déjà Vu Med Spa and reduce 10 to 20 lbs. / month.  Save money with our August specials.

Unwanted Hair:        Ladies, if you spent most of the summer in shorts or bathing suites, or you think your guy would look better without the fuzzy carpet on his back, you may have realized that it’s finally time to permanently eliminate the excess hair.  Laser technology makes it a safe and effective solution.

Don’t Feel Like your Old Self:         Chances are that you are not the person you remember.  At about age 30, both men and women begin producing fewer hormones.  By age 40, the symptoms are becoming apparent. Hormone Rebalancing can provide men and women with: increased energy, improved sleep, a reduction of migraines and menstrual headaches, relief from depression, decreased anxiety, increased lean muscle mass and body density, decreased soft fatty tissue, improved skin, an increase in concentration and memory, decrease in aches pains and stiffness, improved libido and sexual satisfaction, improve sexual function in men, improved blood flow.

Hormone rebalancing can also delay the onset or minimize the effects of 10 chronic diseases.  For more details visit “Hormone Rebalancing” at our website:  All of these benefits and it only takes 10 minutes of your time 3 to 5 times a year.  Take charge of your life!

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Byron Graham Director of Marketing