Thinking About BOTOX?

Thinking about getting Botox?
Maybe these observations can be helpful.
If all the people who inject Botox Cosmetic™ (Botulinum Toxin Type A) are using the same product from Allegan, what is the difference besides price?

Before Botox

There are few easy answers, but some are more subtle. For many people, the idea of having lots of needles stuck into your face can be a bit stressful. So let’s look at some of the things that can help relax you. You might want to look for a comfortable relaxed environment. Find a facility that doesn’t feel like an operating room. It should have a real injection chair that can be properly adjusted for the injector and you.
It’s always good to have friendly people helping you. These people have surely had Botox themselves and understand your nervousness. Friendly, understanding people helps relieve your tension. They will take steps to minimize any discomfort.
Looking to the more subtle answers, we find strategies and skill level. What strategies do the people who operate this business of injecting Botox employ? Have you heard your friends say they got 50 units? This may be so because the unit is small and it takes a skilled hand to squeeze out just a few units in each spot. Do all your friends get 50 units? Some facilities seem to give everybody about 50 units. Maybe the facility just wants to sell 50 units. Better injectors will uate your face and estimate the number of units you need. They will put in 30 to 45 units and ask you to come back in a week so they can check you. It takes up to 7 days for injections to become effective. When checked, if you need more, they will inject additional units into specific target areas. This way you get what you need and not more than you need. You also only pay for what you need.

After Botox

The most important item to consider is the skill level of the injector. There is a wide range of medical people who are authorized to inject, but injecting Botox is not like giving a flu shot in the muscle of your arm. The needle itself is very short and not much larger in diameter than a human hair. The injection is targeting specific muscles nerve centers on various levels in your fore head and around your eyes. The success depends upon hitting the right spots with the right amount.
In short, you are looking for the injector whom you like and trust. They work in a friendly, comfortable facility and have developed their injection skills to a Fine Art.
In this economy, we are seeing unlikely doctors offering Botox. Your OB/GYN, or Rheumatologist may be offering Botox in hope of improving their income, but are they Fine Artists or just injectors?